ANNOYING!!! iPhone 7 bluetooth connectivity is a major mess for some users

ANNOYING!!! iPhone 7 bluetooth connectivity is a major mess for some users


Apple is already renowned for having Bluetooth issues, making pairing and sharing a great hassle for non apple devices. However, Apple iphone 7 may have taken this problem to another level as users complain bitterly about their inability to establish Bluetooth connection with their cherished Bluetooth devices, especially bluetooth headphones and stereos. Interestingly, BMW car owners seem to be the most hit by this problem.

Gizmodo thinks it may be a software issue and so a software update might easily patch away this Bluetooth issue. We will just wait and see

Here are details from irritated users

Yep, I can’t connect my iPhone 7 to the aftermarket Bluetooth head unit in my truck… I was planning on replacing that unit anyway (it’s quite old), but nevertheless, it worked fine with two previous iPhones (a 5 and a 6) and an Android device…

Apple’s in danger of losing a customer here. I have always been on team “it just works.” I’ve been happy with iPhones in spite of their having slightly fewer bells and whistles than contemporary Androids, because (in my experience with both), the iPhones tend to give me fewer headaches. The 7 seems to be bucking that trend in a big way.

Full disclosure: I’ve been on android since Froyo, but I have owned an ipod touch and a iphone 5s for a while. I also am the odd man out in my home and everyone else is on iphone.

Bluetooth has been a hot mess on ios everytime I have used it, and was just one of the reasons I keep away from iphones. I’ve been using bluetooth headphones and car kits and speakers for ever as I listen to a lot of music in general. I almost always had to manually connect if I used more than one device, and the interface to get to the bluetooth settings was absolute garbage in comparison to the long press on the notification icon in android to access the bluetooth settings menu.

So the long and the short is, I think it’s been bad for a while, and I think apple could fix it if they wanted to, so if you want to use headphones with an iphone7, you should probably just buy the first party ones because they are not going to really support anyone else’s.

I have Aukey Bluetooth headphones as well, and on my 6s plus have a similar issue. What I do is go into the Bluetooth settings screen, and click on the headphones (even though it says they are connected). You have to wait on that screen while it does its thing, and then it actually connects.

I have other Bluetooth headphones that work fine, and one other cheap pair that has the same issue (QY8), so it seems tied to an issue with the headsets

I just got my iPhone 7 yesterday and noticed the bluetooth issue immediately. Even though I backed everything up, all my past bluetooth devices were gone and I had trouble re-adding it. Fitbit device would appear as connected and sync every time I open the app but would disappear again when I go into settings bluetooth. I resolved the issue by unpairing my fitbit within the fitbit app and adding it again.

This morning, my iphone bluetooth was malfunctioning when playing music to my car. My music were played directly through the phone via Spotfiy/Soundcloud even though my car shows its connected for music. Even through the app, I did not see my car showing as an available device to play. Fix the issue by turning on and off the iPhone bluetooth

Do I just keep getting lucky? Went from iPhone to iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 and have never run into any problems that are always written about with either new phone launches or new iOS launches.

No, I’m not saying that I’m doing it right and everyone else is doing it wrong, just that I figured after 10 years of iPhone/iOS usage (almost always updating iOS on launch or running betas and buying the new phones on preorder) you’d think I’d run into some of these issues. Only thing I can think is because these people would be considered power users (read: fucking addicted to their devices and social shit) where as I’m more of a casual user?

I don’t think it is hardware. I updated to iOS 10 on my iPhone6 and I’m newly experiencing issues such as these. I need to turn off Bluetooth to get calls to disconnect in my car, and sometimes my phone tried to pair even if I haven’t asked it to…

Our iPhone 7 Plus’s won’t connect to our Smart Scale but seems to be working with all other bluetooth devices. The scale worked fine with our 6’s.

If you’re going to eliminate the headphone jack… you better make sure your bluetooth damn well works. And not just with your damn W1.

Add me to the list of having issues with bluetooth connectivity with my iPhone 7. I have a 2012 Audi Q5 with 3rd-party BT adapter that plugs into the proprietary Audi Multimedia Interface plug (since factory BT connection doesn’t do A2DP). Had zero issues with playing music with my iPhone 6S and have been having trouble with my iPhone 7 since day one.

Similar to other reports, the music keeps stuttering and sometimes the phone loses BT connection altogether and will auto-reconnect after about 30 sec or so and then disconnect and reconnect, over and over, until I reboot the phone.

Very frustrating. But hopefully it ends up being a software fix (sooner rather than later, obviously).

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honda is also not left out

My wife’s 7 has issues in our X3 (2016), but my 7+ works fine with it. My 7+ also works fine with my Bose SoundSport BT earbuds and my Sena SMH-10 moto headset. My 7+ does, however, have issues with my Sony BT speaker, where the connection seems to be spotty (resulting in music that sputters) unless the phone is right next to the speaker, but my iPhone 6 also had range issue with that speaker as well, so it’s tough to say if it’s an iPhone 7/iOS 10 thing.

I use Apple Play in the car so no issues there…. but I did go walking last weekend and used my wireless earbuds and encountered problems with the sound turning off and on. I’m on Public Beta 10.1 and never had this issue prior to 10.1 on my iPhone 6s. So not sure if its the OS or the iPhone 7 itself. I’m also wondering if its an issue with the earbuds themselves not working well with the Bluetooth software on the phone vs. the other way around. The Bluetooth works fine in my 2016 Genesis… which makes me wonder if the earbuds are now not compatible with whatever Bluetooth software is on the iPhone 7. Not being a tech guy… I can only guess.

Kailani Knight Can use the Bluetooth car phone in my VW but playing music seems largely impossible. Using a Garmin device that came with the car (Up) roughly 18 months old. Tried updating both devices, but no improvement

Billy Coker Honda too on the newest beta. My Bluetooth connection constantly goes in and out

Katharine Paolini I’m also having issues with my Subaru not connecting with 10.1.


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