Sales of Apple iPad’s 12.9 inches and 10.1 inches over the years have signified that the iPad might just be suitable for mainly professionals. The larger market prefers something more chic and light.

Apple has finally listened to its market and will be designing a miniaturised ipad, it will be called iPad Mini Pro:

Credit: iPhone News

A 7.9-inch tablet with premium features to make it a Pro iPad – a Smart Connector on the side for magnetically connecting to accessories like a keyboard, quad stereo speakers, an improved 12-megapixel camera with True Tone flash and a new four-array microphone setup. Mashable

We hear the 3.5mm audio jack will not disappear from the iPad mini pro. Great!

 ipad mini pro
Apple can minimize a lot more

apple Users might want Apple to push the minimalist move a little too far

Kevin Iriarte I’m waiting for the iPad mini air lite pro 6.42inch with Retina plexiglass

Justin Tea im waiting for the iPad mini xtra mini pro S plus minus divide multiply graphite.

Nathan Berry Yes!

Berny Abarca Booooooring.. and let me guess. 2 more in 2018 and so on

Boaz Mutatayi Nothing! We’re just being robbed.

Keenan Bliss iPads are not for professionals. iPads are something you give a 5 year old to play candy crush.


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