Gizmodo users share everything they found disappointing in their new iPhone 7

Gizmodo users share everything they found disappointing in their new iPhone 7



Recently, iphone 7 owners shared their negative experiences on Gizmodo


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got mine yesterday… as every morning i get in the shower with the phone in one of this waterproof pouches and found out the new home button does NOT work!!! it doesn’t do anything. do you know how annoying it is to navigate a phone not being able to use the home button!!!

7 Plus here – Similar to the connectivity bug, but mine just drops to “No Service” randomly, no airplane mode necessary. Usually waiting a few minutes or toggling airplane mode fixes it, but going to get it checked out today. It’s a PITA.

Had something odd today. I don’t know if it’s iOS10 related or iPhone 7 related. I started my car this morning, and my phone called my number through SYNC, connected, & would not let me end the call. I had to turn off bluetooth to disconnect the call. When I turned bluetooth back on, it did the same thing.

My wife’s new 7 has been dropping service and such pretty consistently when it shouldn’t be.

Only weird thing happening for me is with email notifications. They stick around in notification center even after I have read and/or deleted them in the mail app. I am also unable to clear them individually and have to clear all notifications in order to get them to go away. This probably has more to do with iOS 10 than the iPhone 7, but an annoyance none-the-less…

I have a 7 plus AT&T jet black 128gb

I have GPS issues where Waze says no GPS signal and is very slow to update when it does get signal and struggles to locate me on the map

I have the hissing sound issue although it isn’t that loud but I can hear it if I put my phone to my head

I also have a screen creaking issue where the screen creaks if I use 3D touch too hard (I’m coming from an iPhone 6s that I had and used 3D touch for a year with no creaking, so I know how to use it), or if the phone flexes in a normal way such as holding the top and bottom of the phone at the same time.

GPS is my biggest annoyance and I’m hoping it can be fixed with software update

One thing that needs to change is the long-press duration of the new home key.

While I, along with many others have disabled Siri from the lockscreen – it’s still all too easy to press the home key, realize 2 seconds too late that you were holding it down – and get Siri greeting you the moment you hit the home screen.

It’s too easy to activate Siri/Voice Control when you don’t want to. I get that it’s probably an adjustment thing but still. Every person who I hand the iPhone to, to try what the new button feels like, without fail activates Siri from pressing the button.

I really like my iPhone 7, but there are a few quirks. When doing heavy downloading, it gets really hot on the top right of the back (like, when downloading a ton of music). Also, I’m having some control center problems: sometimes I have to hit the buttons a few times to activate the camera, etc. And once it totally froze and was stuck on the camera. I had to shut it down because nothing would take it off of that screen.

Minor problems, mostly software, and the heat issue rarely occurs.

Everything is working great with mine, I even like the new home button a lot!

The only issue I’m having is that many of my apps are playing the “tri-tone” alert sound, even if they have their own proprietary sound. Facebook messenger, for example, plays the tri-tone sound. But if I force-restart my phone, it’s all back to normal for a while…then eventually back to the tri-tone. Kind of annoying.

An issue I’m having, not sure if iPhone 7 or Apple Music, is that songs keep going down in volume and then back to normal. They can go very quiet for 10-20 seconds, then it suddenly shoots back to normal volume. The volume slider doesn’t move and no, it’s not notifications causing it. Other than that, nothing.

It won’t remember my Bluetooth devices, like my car and earbuds. Have to manually pair, every single time. (Apple Watch stays paired though…hmmm).

And in my car, a Hyundai, the steering wheel and dash music controls no longer work with the stock music app (plugged in, using Hyundai’s USB cable). Can’t change tracks. Worked seamlessly going back to iPhone 5…



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