Up till this 21st century, surfing in the airplane is still nerve-racking, which is the best way to sugarcoat the slowness of the wi-fi.

Gogo Inc., the biggest in-flight internet provider, has finally come to the rescue.

Gogo Inc. told Mashable that ‘a faster in-flight Wi-Fi via its 2Ku technology is already available on Delta, Aeromexico and Virgin America’. The 2Ku in-flight Wi-Fi features 100 mbps or faster, a speed that is fast enough to stream videos such as Netflix.

Unfortunately, there are only 15 planes outfitted with 2Ku and most of them are Delta planes, which isn’t much. Over 1,500 planes across 13 airlines will get 2Ku high-speed internet by 2018.

by 2018 in-flight wi-fi will boast of 10x wi-fi speed for video streaming on any mobile deviceS

Credit: Stuff, Nz.

We have seen how people can rage due to super slow processing on their devices:



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