A Reddit user, with username u/kroopthesnoop, recently uploaded photos showing the newly released Apple’s iPhone 7 in a burnt state.

Closer look at the photo and reactions of users on Reddit will bring a few things to limelight:

iPhone 7 explosion photo
u/kroopthesnoop’s photo

Why is the phone with an older package instead of the new modified package that shipped with the iPhone 7 & 7 plus?

The phone looks crushed..such heavy dent is the real propeller of sudden explosion

We hear that Apple is already making contacts to send a replacement copy.

Here is what Reddit users have to say

[–]shansoft 7 points

It wasn’t even opened from the box if I understand correctly.

Something definitely have a severe impact over the container to the phone that caused the phone to bend, then battery blows up. Based on the photo, whatever that impacts the box, seems to punctured through the box as well.

[–]JRHelgeson 10 points

Isn’t it quite obvious that the package was damaged quite severely? This was not a spontaneous ‘explosion’. Lithium batteries explode when damaged as such.

[–]S8ER01Z 5 points

I’m just now seeing these pictures but it looks like something slammed into the package and crushed/nearly punctured the phone (considering all of the damage to the packaging).

[–]sdw123123 9 points

Just out of curiosity

  1. I can see the screen is black but side of the phone is like rose gold ?
  2. Why did you put manual on the back of the box ?
  3. The packaging of the box doesnt look like the one for iPhone 7/7+ as their packaging has been changed 🙂

[–]lilyraine-jackson 4 points

The lighting/damage can alter the appearance of the black (‘black’ is usually just super dark purple). I have the 7 but i dont remember what the box looks like, i dont see why the placement of the garbage in the picture matters tho

[–]___cats___ 14 points

With how many phones have been sold and are already in circulation this is likely an isolated incident with extenuating circumstances…

…or…it’s going to be an interesting next couple of weeks.

[–]PirateNinjaa 4 points

Look at the other pics, looks like it was smashed by something.

[–]zenitron 3 points

What is the serial number? I’m entering the serial number from the pics into the following link and it’s telling me it’s not a valid serial number:

[–]tirolerben 0 points

Don’t you think this box made out of white cardboard and white paper looks nothing like something exploded in it? Only little burn marks, if any, most of it looks like simple dirt. Just compare them to pictures of exploded Samsung Notes.

I call bullshit on this “exploded iPhone 7”. We know Samsung has a well paid department for bad-mouthing its competitors online in comments and on social media sites. For me this seems to be the case here.

[–]flux8 8 points

So that’s it from the OP? Just a single photo? No explanation of his circumstances, how it happened, what phone he ordered, or what he’s doing about it? Most people write short essays for much lesser issues like Bluetooth connection problems, or slow software. And here we have one photo with nothing else?

Plus, check his post history. He has a total of 5 posts. 2 of them in /apple including this one. The first one was removed by the mods for not following posting rules. Troll.


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