The Macro Pro Lens Set delivers the world’s best optical experience by transforming iPhone into a digital microscope or loupe… for beautiful macro photography and videography with edge-to edge clarity. Olloclip


3 leveLs of optical magnification:

olloclip-macro-7x-lens photo
photo taken with Olloclip macro 7x lens


Very detail-oriented and enhances iPhone’s native camera with increased magnification

photo taken with Olloclip macro 14x lens
photo taken with Olloclip macro 14x lens


See beyond the naked eye, down to a single thread of fabric.

photo taken with Olloclip macro 21x lens
photo taken with Olloclip macro 21x lens


Create the ultimate close up with nearly 100x magnification when combined with iPhone’s digital zoom.


For the first time, there is a lens system that can be instantly adapted to your environment. The Interchangeable lens system quickly configures with other iPhone 7 Connect™ lenses.

here is the link for your purchase

olloclip will begin delivery by mid-November, all 3 lenses are packed in a case and retails at $79.99


I love my Olloclip lenses. Last summer I picked up the standard set with 10x, 15x, Wide-Angle, and Fisheye for my SE. I use one or the other of them at least twice a week. They are well made. The glass optics are quite good with no chroma. The only issue I’ve had with them is the narrow field of focus with the Macro lenses. You have to be very careful lining up the shot. I’ve started an art photography project at work and have been having fun shooting landscapes on the beach. One of the more interesting effects I found was to use the Wide-Angle or Fisheye to shoot panoramas. It has been a lot of fun.

Here’s a sample shot of the claws on the feet of a blackbird skeleton.


very lens.

Have to pass. These guys have the worst customer service I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with. Had an issue with one of their lens, instead of figuring out the situation they blamed me for an issue with the lens itself. I even sent it back to them on my dime, with confirmation and signature.. they claimed to have never received it, even though I can prove who it was signed by and when. They just didn’t want to give me a replacement for what was a fault in one of the lens that scratched up my phone. I didn’t even threaten them or anything crazy.. just wanted a fixed lens that didn’t have glass chippings in it. Still have all my documentation from that nonsense, never again!

Combining the lenses with a case makes sense, but I’m a fan of Otter cases. I’m not interested in any lenses that don’t work with it. Besides the prices seem, shall I say, a bit steep. particularly for something of as limited usefulness as a macro lens. There’s only so many reasons to take pictures of flower petals.


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