To aid shoppers who might want to buy something that they’ve come across on Instagram the Facebook-owned company is introducing shoppable photo tags. They will enable users to buy stuff on Instagram without having their scrolling being interrupted by a browser window.

A “Shop Now” button will then materialize which only requires a tap to enable users to purchase what they want to right off of Instagram. The photo-sharing service isn’t going to take a cut of the purchases from sellers, it’s going to monetize this by allowing brands to make their shoppable posts visible to people who don’t even follow them.

For now, IG is rolling out these Shoppable tags automatically to 20 retail brands like Kate Spade and JackThreads in the United States and are visible to users who are using iOS device. UBERGIZMO

Gradually, Retailers will be able to add these tags to their posts and instagramers can tap on them to reveal more information about the product such as its description, price, and additional photos.


VN Nogueira

copying Snapchat, copying Pinterest…super creative!

Ethan Frame ·

This is a terrible idea and a great way to clog up IG feeds with spammy “regrammed” content. Instagram is not Twitter.


Oh Seok-Geun ·

Owesome! I’m looking forward to using that in Korea.

Isabella Brusati Another social media tool going down the drain

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