The future holds a Foldable iPhone

The future holds a Foldable iPhone

foldable iphone patent diagram

A new patent awarded to Apple today, uncovered by Patently Apple, shows the company is exploring a foldable iPhone concept, confirming what rumors have longs suggested. Apple was believed to be researching foldable iPhone designs starting back in 2013, but new evidence suggests the company is still serious about making this concept a reality at some point. GIZMODO

Where the patent gets interesting is in its description of the materials that could be used to make the future iPhone. It explicitly describes an iPhone housing that could be made with glass, ceramic, fiber, aluminum or plastic—which isn’t much different than what’s currently used. The real revelation, however, is in the patent’s description of “carbon nanotubes” that would allow the iPhone to literally fold in half down the middle.

A flip-phone!

Apple does it again!

Welcome to 2004!

Even farther back than that…90s…..

just reading that sentence “Could Apple’s Next Groundbreaking Device Be a Foldable iPhone? ” do you know what the term “ground breaking” means?

Apple are not able to create this, they know Samsung can since they actually manufacture the majority of the components used in their phones, including the screens! They have created fold-able screens to test out the technology. So how can a patent be granted to Apple purely on some drawings! Pathetic! We’ve all known for a while that the next step is fold-able screens, how can a patent be granted for the basic expected workings of fold able screens?!

I remember these….used to play Donkey Kong on it back in the 80’s!

We’ve had folding phones for decades and have ditched them for smart phones, so they’re patenting something that’s been around for years anyway! Doh! Typical Apple. Patent what you can, take everything that isn’t nailed down and bully your competitors.


Patenting a possibility should be removed and restricted to technical theory journals. I hate patent grab when there is not even a peer approved paper or prototype. It’s just hijacking the money off a brighter group of designers when they get there first.

Yes yes, MS is also doing that too:

apple likes to pretend they invented a bunch of stuff but in reality, they have invented very little. what they HAVE done is found inventive ways to combine and encorporate other people’s ideas and improve on them. i however find it annoying how theyll probably rush a folding phone to market before anyone else in an attempt to claim it and sue anybody who follows suit. not that i think folding phones will ever be popular.

This will never work. You can’t even load the Outlook client on it.


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