Vine is about to exit the market: save your vids before they...

Vine is about to exit the market: save your vids before they varnish

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GIZMODO published about the exit of Twitter owned Vine:

Let’s bow our heads for six seconds of silence: Vine is closing down. The video looping service doesn’t fit in with Twitter’s plans for the future, which means you’re going to have to go elsewhere for your micro-movie-making exploits. In the announcement of its closure, Vine said it plans on “keeping the website online,” but failed to mention for exactly how long. This means your precious Vines could disappear at any moment. So with that in mind, here are three ways to save your existing Vines somewhere else before it’s too late.

3 ways you can save your vines before you lose them by gizmodo

1) Turn your Vines into GIFs with Giphy

photo by Gizmodo

2) Save Vines to your mobile device

Save Vines to your mobile device


3) Right-click and save

3) Right-click and save

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Let’s just let vine die a true death so people a few years from now can say “damn, remember vine?”


Never used it, seen it once, won’t miss it. Hopefully it goes away than others will follow like Twitter and Instagram. They are all pointless sites unless your obsessed with social media. Twitter is the most pointless one. You post basically one short sentence? Thats it? I find twitter confusing like how you contact people and what not. I can do the same thing on Facebook but use big posts, pictures…etc.

Vine is going away?

The question is, are any of my Vines worth saving? For me, probably not. I mainly only used it to see other people more creative than me do weird, funny stuff.

I don’t use Vine, but I find it a pretty interesting and creative tool. I wonder what (if anything) will replace it.

Thats good, most of the bits were stupid and by the same 12 people.

So I went to the vines site to check it out finally.. it asks you to install an app on your PC? I’m surprised people used it..

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