Ying is the new name for the less than one pound weight foldable drone by Tencent, the makers of the chat platform, Wechat, popularly used in China but also recognized in U.S.

It’s the first drone made by a large social media platform for the purpose of sharing footage directly with other users. Tencent partnered with Qualcomm — the company recently started making drone software — and the Chinese drone maker Zerotech to build the tiny aircraft. Recode

By October ending, WeChat’s over 800 million users will be able to buy Ying at $299 to capture and stream 4K video at 720p HD quality.

are chinese social media lovers drone enthusiasts?

what’s not to like? It’s cheap and good.

btw thats even cheaper than Xiaomi’s 4K drone, which is US$380

Never knew Tencent would penetrate the drone industry! Considering how big and powerful Tencent is, Ying would definitely be on top.

Ying has really cool specs…


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