On Thursday, September 22nd 2016, Yahoo released a statement that Hackers swiped personal information associated with at least a half billion Yahoo accounts, marking the biggest data breach in history; NOT RECENTLY BUT IN 2014


A recent investigation by Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) has confirmed that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from the company’s network in late 2014 by what it believes is a state-sponsored actor. The account information may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords (the vast majority with bcrypt) and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers…YAHOO

It’s unclear why the Internet Giant refused to inform it’s users until the spilt milk evaporated.

For yahoo users, you are advised to:

Change your password, that is if you haven’t since 2014

Credit: REUTERS, Kimberly White


Trish Mercurio It took them two years to figure this out? Does anybody see a problem with that? Because I do! There should be legal repercussions. Having our personal information exposed for two years before anyone finds out or does anything about it.

Mary Fletcher McClung Uhm… it was TWO years ago!! It’s way too late to do anything about it now.

Syed Qusoiri Jumped off the sinking ship a loooong time ago when my yahoo mail was hacked.

Theresa DeSousa Why did we only get notice now? if it was in 2014? a little late????

Aaron Land I forgot my password years ago, and couldn’t retrieve it due toyahoo‘s moronic password replacement proceedures, and havent looked back since. Yahoo who?

Mark Ludwig I don’t know which is bigger news that yahoo had 500 million users or they couldn’t figure this out for 2 years.

Adam Nelson The personal data they received of mine is my name, hundreds of pizza hut spam and league of legends password change from 2014…

Lynn Sk In 2014(?)! And YAHOO is just notifying th public in SEPTEMBER OF 2016!(?)! But it just our imagination

Rebecca Portelance Didn’t even remember I had one… Hacker must be bored out of his mind going thrue my emails.

James Boling I don’t use yahoo anymore but would have like to have known this in 2014

Ben Halbur Thanks for catching this so quickly, Yahoo…..

Niall Bermingham Hi Yahoo, a work colleague Paddi de Euskadi is worried that the hackers have accessed his laptop and having uncovered certain images and videos, they are going to blackmail him not to go to the relevant authorities with the incriminating evidence. Should he be worried? Thanks

Joshua Cohen They can have my 13,000 unread emails.

Michael Quinn O’Bannon Thanks for the “timely” notice! What a joke!

Danny Grimm Yahoo’s service hasn’t been relevant since… 2000.

Basel Bandak Yahoo? What’s that?

Nathan William Plunkett All they had to do was ask, I’d GIVE them my yahoo mail password. They can have the spam and whack and useless security measure harassment. Plus they’d be linked to an Anne McCaffery and a Jim Butcher (Novelists) fan-page and newsletter.

Jheyson Jimenez Again

Archie Punzalan I’m glad I don’t have yahoo anymore. This is why I left over 10 years ago. Someone kept changing my password every week.

Dino Lorenzo Ambas Garcia Who still uses yahoo? haha

Bailey Wild Late 2014 and they recommended urgently changing passwords just now?! Quick everyone whip out your time machine. Absolute bellends Yahoo!

Paulo Coimbra 2 years Yahoo! Seriously???? No wonder no one uses you!

Anna Bluston Who has used yahoo since 1997?

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