Hacking has finally become a job afterall!

Zerodium, a Company that pays huge for finding exploits in major Operating Systems like Apple iOS, Android, Windows, has declared a bounty for hackers all over the world. Zerodium is ready to pay $1.5million for each exploit submission on new Apple iOS

Of course, iOS has tightened security making it nearly but still not completely unhackable, and that is why the value for each submitted hack to Zerodium is as high.

The Company’s official website also features other prices for submissions on previous versions of iOS as well as other OS and major software like Adobe,  Safari on Mac, PHP, etc


Zerodium violates cyberweapon act, as it buy from hackers like Taig chinese group, to resell to NSO group, a US-israel firm that uses the exploit to hack civilians worldwide like human rights activists.

Really, zerodium violates all rules to buy illegal stuff

Kwan Lee Hard to do. Especially with this being the quickest Apple ever updated an OS since a new phone dropped

Werdz Rodriguez I like how you said hard to do but didn’t say impossible


We will update as soon as we see more reactions

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