So Whatsapp is still so hushed about this; but according to a Spanish news site, Whatsapp contacted some whatsapp users and rolled out a beta version of  whatsapp which features video calling. It’s not yet public, so you must be a mega user under whatsapp radar to have the video calling feature in your whatsapp app right now.


GET THIS BETA VERSION make sure you backup your chats before installing:

When you have video calling, tapping the call button or contact card brings up a dialog with both voice and video as options.

If the person on the other end doesn’t have video calling enabled yet they’ll just get a voice call. You’ll still be able to see the video calling UI, though.

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users have suggested other tricks to get the video features working

Abdulla IDhaan ·

Omg wow. I mean just wow. 😒
For real tho wow. 😒
That’s something really new. Mm hmm. Yeah. Whatsapp is the best 😒
It can make video calls. 😒

Sashant Sigdel ·

Oh my god!! This latest technology should first be used for national security and welfare. Wow, amazing innovation by whatsapp!! It deserves “innovation of the era” title. Please…

Ihsan Rahim ·

Just release it with a group video call feature, or better yet, a chat roulette public feature

Marcos Arevalo

While wechat has in app payments and more… WhatsApp just released video calls ))))

Bilal Lari ·

Why did it take soo long?

This will kill Duo for me as well. I know far more people who use Whatsapp than Duo.


Still better than Hangouts. Who came up with such a weird name, as if google talk/message/chat is not “cool” enough.

You really need to see the usage outside of US. Here in India the usage of whatsapp is tremendous. Since iphones are comparatively expensive and not carrier subsidized there are really very few users of imessage as well. Affordable android phone(100-150$) with cheap data plans ($1.5-$4 for 1 gb) have amplified the use of whatsapp. I dont know even a single person who doesnt use whatsapp. Emails are still complex for a lot of people. But given the fact that it supports pdf people are even using it as an email alternative. My entire family uses whatsapp for audio calls for friends and relatives in US, UK and Australia. And I am sure that once video calling comes they would extensively use that as well.


For root users, go to


Then add
<boolean name=”video_calling” value=”true”/>

Force close the app, it should be enabled next time you open it


I tried your tip through the root explorer, made the changes and saved the preferences file. but even after doing this and force stop the app whatsapp, remained without obtaining the feature. The solution: If you have root, make a backup of com.whatsapp_preferences.xml file (or rename it to com.whatsapp_preferencesOLD.xml) and when you reopen the whatsapp it will recreate this file. you should only parameterize your new preferences (such as backup settings google drive, downloading media etc …) and you will get the feature of video calling!


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