Google today announced an expansion of its home delivery shopping service Google Express, which is now available across a large part of the East Coast. The service lets online shoppers order consumer products like electronics, clothing, health and beauty items, home décor and even dry good groceries, from either the web or a dedicated mobile app. Techcrunch


Google Express’ delivery range

Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

online retailers you can order from

CostCo, Whole Foods, PetSmart


google-express-deliveryNew York shoppers have the options of standard $95 per year subscription model or the regular $5-plus per order, pay-as-you go system

Visit Google Express page for more details on how it works

Click to check if your city is now listed in Google Express Delivery range

Some shoppers have started using the Google Express service



Lulu Lulu Well, the only thing I’ve been getting from Google Express are headaches thanks to their new partnership with Dynamex.
I loved Google Express drivers for their willingness to go the extra mile when delivering my orders, they read the delivery notes, caSee More

Anne Marie Schar It made MY life better by deciding NOT to deliver my order so I can have the joy of deciding whether I want to go to the grocery store at 9pm for stuff that I actually need and was counting on or not. Thanks so much because it wouldn’t have been easier to know that you couldn’t bring this stuff. Thanks for your reason of “reasons” why you couldn’t deliver it either. That made it totally awesome.

Google Express So sorry to hear about the trouble with your order. We know how important it is to receive your items when you’re expecting them. Send us a private message with your order number so we can take a look into this for you.
Kelly RankinActually, it has made my life harder these days. I grew accustomed to being able to order produce mid-week, when my kids plow through my weekly shopping supply. Then GE decided to stop offering all produce. Likely going to cancel my membership now. TooSee More


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